Setting up InfoLinks ads for your Website

InfoLinks is a way for monetizing your Web content through contextual advertisement. It is very popular these days; not as popular as AdSense yet, but it is coming close.

I do like the way they place the ads: the ads are made by converting phrases (or words) from your own website into advertising links. If the reader moves the mouse over those links, then an advertisement dialog pops-up. If the reader is interested, then he/she can click the ad for more information; if not, he/she just moves the mouse away from the link and continues reading normally.

What I like the most so far is that ads come naturally within the content. This is done pretty much automatically. You just need to put a script into your HTML template and the rest if taken care on the fly. Of course, you can also customize your InfoLinks ads.

To use InfoLinks you’ll need to register. They don’t ask much. Filling the registration information just takes 5 minutes or less.

After registering you’ll receive an email saying your Website (the one you filled in the registration process) is under review and that you should receive a confirmation of acceptance within 2 business days. Well, this took a little longer for me. InfoLinks accepted my website 9 days after I registered. I guess InfoLinks guys are too busy.

Right now you can see the InfoLinks ads showing up alongside with AdSense in this blog. Yes, InfoLinks and AdSense can coexist.

I believe InfoLinks is worthy to be tried. It doesn’t cost you much effort to set-up and all websites are welcome, no matter if they are highly trafficked or not. There are a few exceptions: they don’t want porn sites, etc. 

Many people are saying that InfoLinks beats AdSense in terms of how much revenue you can get from them. Now that I am running both of them together, I can see the numbers by myself.  I’ll write my findings about this in a month or two. Whatever the outcome, remember that InfoLinks and AdSense are complementary advertisement alternatives from which you can benefit.

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