My contributions to the Delphi community at RosettaCode

RosettaCode is a wiki site that gathers a collection of programming tasks being resolved in as many programming languages as possible.

You can post solutions to a particular task using a particular language (Delphi, Java, C++, C#, Ruby, the list goes and goes).  All solutions to the same task are coded in the same page, allowing a fast knowledge transfer from one language to the other. Also, you can compare how suitable is a particular language for a particular task.

Furthermore, you can add programming languages to be considered for implementation and of course, you can suggest new tasks to be resolved.

There is very little about Delphi at RosettaCode. I encourage the Delphi community to fill the pending tasks for Delphi and suggest new tasks as well.

Delphi is very powerful, let’s share it with everybody.

These are my contributions so far:
Finally, I want to highlight that RosettaCode is about all programming languages. Resolving tasks in a single language is not enough. Don’t be shy, add the solutions in all the languages you can :-)

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