How much money does this blog make?

This blogs has exactly 96 posts (this one included) at the time of writing. I complement the traditional Google AdSense with Infolinks. The later complements AdSense by using more of the “blog real estate”; which would otherwise be left unused.

I also run various affiliates programs for which I get paid when a customer redirected by this blog ends up making a purchase. I have come to the realization that affiliate programs in general are a better way to monetize your content. You just need to find a product/service niche that you could target. In this category, I use Amazon Affiliates US, Amazon Affiliates Canada and Ding.

Up to the end of last month (January 2017-September 2017) I made the following:
I hope this article gives you a realistic idea of how much you can make by blogging. I would appreciate if you share with us the monetization systems that you use and any tips about blogging monetization. Please, drop a line in the comments section just below.

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