Dash cams for cold weathers and snowy winters

When it comes to cold climates, the most vulnerable element of the dash cam is the battery. Batteries don't get along with extreme temperatures, neither extremely low nor extremely high. A solution to this problem is to use a capacitor (instead of a battery), which is immune to the cold or heat.

Another aspect to consider is that during the winters, the days become shorter and shorter while the nights are correspondingly longer.  Furthermore, visibility conditions are often poor during the winter even during the day. A dash cam with night vision support is the way to go to work-around these issues.

I live in Toronto, Canada and I ended up buying  a DDPai mini2 dashcam. It is equipped with a built-in supercapacitor and it features night vision as well. In addition, I bought a separate 128 GB MicroSD card with Class 10 rating that is not included with the camera and it is required to store the footage.

I am happy so far with the camera and I definitely recommend it. 

If you have a dash cam and live in a cold place as well, do you mind telling us about it? What kind of camera did you get? Is it working properly? Any other tips that we should consider when buying a dash cam for a cold climate? I would definitely appreciate if you leave us a comment below and give this article thumbs-up by clicking the Google Plus (G+) button at the beginning of this post.

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