Proof of medical examination - Medical Report: Client Biodata and Summary (IMM 1017 Form)

As part of the Application to Sponsor a Member of the Family Class, the sponsored person and their family members are required to provide “proof” that they have undergone a medical examination.

I am sponsoring my wife to come to Canada, she lives currently in Cuba and I have been living in Toronto for the last 4 years.

When I first heard about this “proof of medical examination”, I asked myself:
  • What do they mean by “proof”?
  • How can I obtain this “proof”?
  • How does this “proof” look like?
For the purpose of sponsoring a Member of the Family Class, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) requires you to mail the IMM 1017 Form as proof that the medical examination took place with an authorized Panel Physician.

In other words, the IMM 1017 Form, also known as Medical Report: Client Biodata and Summary, is the "proof" you are looking for. This form is one page long and you will have to mail the corresponding IMM 1017 Forms not only for the sponsored person, but also for their family members (dependants), if any.

We obtained this form directly from the Panel Physician that examined my wife. We didn’t have to provide a blank form for the doctors to fill. They handled this form to my wife at the end of the medical examination.

This form does not contain the results of the medical results; it’s merely a confirmation that the person in question was examined by an authorized Panel Physician.

Below I have added for reference the IMM 1017 Form that my wife received. I erased all personal data from the form and I also scrambled the barcode. 
I wanted to share this knowledge because the information provided about this topic in the CIC website is quite slim. You should know that I am not a legal or immigration expert. I just want this information to be useful, but you use it at your own risk.

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