Delphi Developers in Toronto

There are very little opportunities for Delphi developers in Toronto (Canada). The job market for software developers in this area is monopolized by .NET (C#, VB), Java and C++ in a huge percentage. Objective C, Python, PHP, Ruby are more popular than Delphi around here.

I don’t blame the Torontonian companies for deprecating Delphi. It‘s a reality that after the release of Delphi 7, Borland drove “the once most useful and popular IDE of the world” into a dark era.

Nonetheless, there is hope for Delphi. Lately, it has improved quite a bit, catching up to some degree for the time lost in the Borland's apocalypse. Some important milestones archived by Delphi lately:
  • Unicode support.
  • 64 Bits support.
  •  Mufti-platform support (with the introduction of FireMonkey)
Finally, I would like to list a few companies using Delphi these days in Toronto (Greater Toronto Area) :


  1. Hi, I am a Delphi Fanatic.... But unfortunately after i left my previous company... I am loosing (8 years experience) in touch with Delphi.. because.. we don't get this software for affordable price... a software which is minimum 900$ for Indians... which is impossible.

    That's the reason even though Delphi is wonderful product it is not reaching the people.

    I feel Embarcadero has to work on Price factor.
    Make it cheap and let many company adopt this tool and charge for updates or addons. so the basic software is reachable to many developers and developer community will scale up.

    I know this is not the right place to put this comment.... Sorry.. :)


    Harish Kota.

  2. There's lots more Delphi-using companies in Toronto. Anybody who wants to know some more can contact me at warren dot postma at gmail dot com.