I just registered a new domain for my blog at Dynadot

I decided to move away from Blogger's free hosting service and get me a custom domain. Although you can register a domain from within Blogger, I decided to use a different domain name registrar: Dynadot.

”Dynadot is an ICANN accredited domain name registrar ” which I have used in the past with no complaints. It has a bunch of cool features like:
  • Domain search (extended to premium domain search if desired).
  • Domain suggestion (great if you haven't decided the name of your domain yet )
  • Domain privacy (this is what you need if you intend to high your identity as owner of the domain)
  • Lots of payment methods (Credit Cards, PayPal, MoneyBookers and more...)
I wanted a generic domain name for my blog (not a .cu, .ca, .us domain). So, my initial ideas were yanniel.net, yanniel.com, yanniel.org and yanniel.info.

After a quick search, I decided to buy yanniel.info because it was cheaper and at the end, this blog is all about me. So, yanniel.info (standing for Yanniel's information) is pretty much what I wanted.

One observation, the domains bought at Dynadot are cheaper than the ones you buy directly from within Blogger. Blogger charges you with $10 (USD) annually, and a I got my domain just for $5.75 (USD).

In the picture below you can see the Dynadot domain search interface:

Domain's search at Dynadot

Once you have added your domains to cart, you are prompted to log-in (or register) as a Dynadot's user. This is indispensable to configure your domains later. I expect to replace my current blogspot.com sub-domain with  www.yanniel.info ASAP. I guess at that point I will write a new post to explain how to set up a Blogger 's blog using a Dynadot registered domain.

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