How to recharge (top up) the Nauta Internet in Cuba?

Cubans can now access email directly from their cell phones and connect to public WIFI points within the island to browse the Internet. This service is called Nauta or Nauta Internet.

The Nauta service can be requested in one the ETECSA’s commercial offices in Cuba. Nauta is a pay as you go service, which means you require a Nauta balance linked to your cellphone before you can send/receive emails and connect to the public WIFI access points.

Note that cell phone balance and Nauta balance are not the same. Basically, cell phone balance is the credit that you can use to make calls, send SMS/MMS and check the email in a cell. The Nauta balance is strictly used for Internet navigation in the public WIFI access points, using the browser of your phone or any app that connects to the Internet.

The problem with WIFI navigation in Cuba is that you have to physically go to a public WIFI point. Usually these places are located in public parks. Cubans don't have WIFI at home.

It is quite interesting to see lots of Cuban people gathering in these WIFI points to talk to their families and friends abroad using an app like IMO that allows them to make video calls and chat over the Internet.

This alternative of using the WIFI to call family and friends abroad has very little privacy, because you are in a public place where anyone passing by can hear what you are saying. Still, it is way cheaper than the regular telephone calls.

A Nauta Internet account can be refilled online using a credit card or Paypal. I live in Toronto, Canada and my mom lives in Cuba.  I recharge her Nauta account through Ding; so that she does not have to spend her money.

I have used Ding (previously called Ezetop) for a long time (over 6 years) to top-up the cell phone balance of my mom in Cuba. I know the service is excellent and with the lowest prices out there.

I want to emphasize again that cell phone balance and Nauta balance are not the same. Both balances can be topped-up (recharged) using Ding. 

If you want to know how to recharge the cellphone balance then click here. Otherwise, if you are interested in recharging the Nauta Internet balance, just keep reading this post.

To recharge the Nauta balance of a person in Cuba you will need the Nauta email of the person in question; which looks like this: With that email at hand, just click here  and go to Ding. From there just follow the steps and recharge the Nauta balance. It is pretty easy.

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  1. how is the nauta access priced? per megabyte, per hour, how much?