The cheapest way to call to Cuba

I have been using Rebtel for the last 6 years or so to call my family and friends in Cuba. The service has a very good quality: it’s unusual to hear noise, broken speech or any other undesirable artifacts during the call.

Calling to Cuba is never cheap; no matter which telephone provider you are using. Rebtel offers one of the cheapest calling rates in the market: 58.8cents/min (USD). To put it in a different way: $10 American Dollars will buy you 17min to call to Cuba.

Over the years I have tried other companies which where slightly cheaper than Rebtel, but the quality of the call was terrible. Really not worthy.

Evaluating the service is almost free. Upon signing up, you will get a welcome offer of paying $1 USD and getting a $5 USD calling credit. This mean, upon sign up, you pay $1 USD and will get 8.5min of calling time to Cuba. To access  this one time deal click here.

Once you have used the calling time of you welcome offer, you will have to buy more minutes at the standard rate of 58.8cents/min (USD).

One final tip: you can use Rebtel to call many other countries, not just Cuba. Fortunately, the rates to call other countries are way cheaper.

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  1. Very helpful!!! I didn't know about this option, so I will try it. I was using Google to call to Cuba. It's more expensive (98 cents per minute), but the sound is amazing and there is no delay. However, I will give this a try. By the way, I tried Cuballama once and it was horrible (with the quality and delays). Thanks Yanniel :)

  2. Better check
    Also, you can add an e-mail account to Cuban mobile for 1.50 pesos. Then each e-mail costs only 9 cents.

    1. I tried Cuballama. I got frustrated because the call was breaking up constantly :-(