Recharge a cell phone in Cuba with Ding\Ezetop (top-up promotions)

Cubacel is the only mobile operator in Cuba and all cell phones in the Island are Pay As You Go phones.

That means you need to buy some credit and add it to your account before you can use it. This process of adding credit to a cell phone account is known in Cuba as a recharge (recarga in Spanish). In English speaking countries the recharge is known by the term top-up.

Don’t get confused: top-up and recharge are just the same thing. It basically means adding credit to the cellphone before you can use it.

There are two main ways to top-up (recharge) a Cuban cellphone:
  1. You can buy a top-up card in one of the Cubacel commercial offices within the island.
  2. Or you can top-up (recharge) a cellphone over the Internet using your credit card or Paypal.
I live in Toronto, but I have family and friends in Cuba. I have been recharging (topping-up) my mom’s cellphone in Cuba for more than 6 years over the Internet.

I have tried several online services providing top-ups (recharges) for Cuban cells and the best is Ding (formerly known as Ezetop).
Ding is the Top-Up provider that I currently use; I have been doing so for years.  I recommend this service if you need to top-up a Cuban cellphone. Follow this link go to Ding.

An important distinction: there are two different types of recharges that you can do through Ding. The recharge covered in this article is the cell phone recharge; which adds credit to your account and enables you to make phone calls, send messages and access the email in Cuba. There is another recharge, called Nauta Internet recharge, which enables the people in Cuba to connect to public WIFI access points and access the Internet. To know more about the Nauta recharge click here.

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If you want to read this article in Spanish follow this link: ¿Cómo recargar los teléfonos celulares de Cuba por Internet?

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For reference, you can find below an old version of this article that I wrote several years back. It compares some Top-Up providers.


If you need to recharge the cell phone of someone living in Cuba, I have found three web sites allowing to do this online. All of them are recognized by Cubacel[1] as business partners. The picture below, showing such Web sites, was extracted from the official Cubacel's page.

Recharge Cell Phones in Cuba via Internet
 I already used two of them, so these are my considerations:

Compra D' TODO: This was the first site I tried. It works, BUT I didn't like it. First, they allow to choose the amount of $10CUC[2] or $20CUC per recharge, but if you select $10CUC, a message dialog is prompted saying that the only available amount is $20CUC. This is ludicrous! Anyhow, I selected $20CUC and proceeded to pay with my VISA card. Secondly, these guys ask too many questions, they asked all my life during the registration process (yes, you need to register)...furthermore, the recipient of the recharge in Cuba is also interrogated (by phone call) before the recharge can be made active. So, this is in no way automatic, and it causes delays of hours.[3]

Ezetop: This was my second try. It works pretty fine. You have to register too, but once you pay, the recharge is performed on the fly. No question for the Cuban recipient. Nothing! My advice: Use it! [4]

Finally, I don't recommend Vecdominicana. I didn't use it, but their fees per recharge are too high. To give you an idea, I payed $24.44CAD for the recharge of $20CUC in Compra D' TODO and $13.25CAD for a  $10.95CUC recharge with Ezetop. Now, Vecdominicana charges you $16USD for a $10CUC cell credit. Too high, isn't it? 

As conclusion, I recommend you to use Ezetop to recharge cell phones in Cuba via Internet. It works fine and fast, the cost is affordable and there are no annoying questions.

When I first wrote this post I ended the article in this very spot. Nonetheless, I have added the Ezetop widget just below, from which you can recharge your friends and family in Cuba just now.

Why am I doing this? Well, Ezetop will give me 4% of commission for every recharge ever done from within my blog (Hey, for you is just the same money: you pay the same money from here and from the Ezetop website).

Please, note that I’m a fair guy. I wouldn’t recommend something if I weren’t truly sure that‘s the best choice. Trust me once and try Ezetop. If I disappoint you, then feel free not to use Ezetop again.

Recharge cell phone in Cuba with Ezetop

The following video shows you how you to recharge a mobile phone with Ezetop . See how easy it is.


[1]: Cubacel is the ETECSA's Mobile Business Unit. ETECSA is the Cuban government monopoly of telephony services.

[2]: CUC stands for Cuban Convertible Peso.  This currency is stronger than the American Dollar. Don't believe it? (LOL). And also it is NOT the currency in which the Cuban people is paid by its government. Yes, in Cuba, there is a dual currency model.

[3]: The layout of this site is very similar to the Cuban Government Sites (that's why so many question I guess). The language used is Spanish and you can use only VISA and MasterCard to pay.

[4]: This site is in English. You can pay using VISA, MasterCard or PayPal.


  1. Cool!! very good info for Cubans!! thanks a lot!

  2. Nice! also check

  3. Thanks for the info, I recently checked VecDominicana's prices and they lowered it to 13.30 for 10 CUC. Worked good for me... They actually had a promotion and they duplicated my full amount instead of just 20CUC... I paid 26.60 and had 53.20CUC in Cuba.. Good Luck

  4. Quick update: I recharged my mother's cell in Cuba today using Ezetop. I paid $13.65 CAD and the mobile in Cuba received $11.83 CUC.

  5. Have a question re Ezetop. My cousin has asked my help re a cell phone. Have lots of questions. Can you be more specific on my possibele liability. Thanks. Carlos

  6. Hi Carlos,

    There's no liability at all if you pay with Ezetop. You simply enter the cell number to recharge and then proceed to pay with a credit card. Your relative will receive the recharge immediately. If you need more help let me know.

    Merry Christmas.

  7. I also offer the possibility. Its about . And the price I charge is still higher than the highest one you talking about. But I find that not just the price is important. More
    deciding should be the support,the reliability like the offered options of payment. I made the experience that some providers asked you the number of the cuban identity card or more.

    1. Ezetop is completely painless, fast, easy, no-questions-ask and has the best prices. I really don't see a reason to recharge the cell using a different website.

      I have been using Ezetop to recharge my family in Cuba for over two years. The service is the best I have tried so far and I don't have a single complain about it.

      Anyhow, I appreciate your contribution and respect your opinion.



  8. Can i use a visa card from america

  9. Please tell me if i can use a american credit card am having a problem it will not take it

    1. Hi Debra, if your credit card does not work, try using Paypal. Hope it helps.

  10. I have been using for 2 years. SMS, phone calls, charging phones (best deal is double recharge). There are occasional problems with sending SMS.