The cheapest roaming rates for Cuba

The lowest roaming rate for Cuba is the one offered by Digicel. Actually, as far as I can tell this is the only provider allowing you to access data at 3G speeds from your cellphone within the Caribbean island.

Locals can access WIFI hotspots using a service called Nauta; but unless you are a local (or friend with one) this service won’t be accessible to you.

For travelers or tourists the only way I am aware of is the Digicel Cuba Roaming SIM Card. According to Digicel, the card will allow you to access the Internet in all the provinces of Cuba; but you should take this with a grain of salt.

Here’s why? I bought the card myself and I used it with decent quality in Havana City, but when I headed to my home town, San Antonio de los Baños, in the province of Artemisa, the connection was choppy making it almost unusable at times.  What I gathered from this experience is that the card works well in some places; but not so much in others.

You might also want to restrict which applications in your cellphone have access to the data. The data available through this card burns fast and you might find yourself with no connection pretty fast. I only used the SIM card for email and reading the occasional Google News; which is why I only enabled the email client and browser to have access to the data.

Finally, you ought to verify that this card is compatible with your phone. To that purpose you simply need to verify that your cellphone is unlocked and SIM compatible.

If you plan on going often to Cuba and using this card, you might also consider buying an unlocked dual SIM card phone; so that you can insert the Digicel SIM card and your own mobile provider card at the same time. No switching of SIM cards required.

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