Make payments to your Brick Platinum Card from TD EasyWeb

Note from the blog owner: This article might be outdated. I no longer have a Brick Platinum Card and I don’t know if what’s written in this article is still applicable today.

You can use TD EasyWeb, the online banking system of TD Canada Trust, in order to make payments or contributions to your Brick Platinum card. For that, you need to add your Brick Platinum Card as a new payee in your EasyWeb account. 

A Brick Platinum Card looks like this:

Brick Platinum Card - The Brick
Follow the steps below in order to make online contributions to your Brick Platinum Card from TD EasyWeb:
  1. Login to TD Easy Web and you will land in the View Accounts page.
  2. Find and click the Payments & Transfers link. You will see now the Payments and Transfers page.
  3. Find and click the Add a New Payee button.  In the new page, type in HSBC RETAIL SERVICES in the Enter Payee Name text box and click the Search button.
  4. In the new page, write down your Brick Platinum Card number within the Payee Account text box. When doing so, add a leading zero to the 15 digit card number.   For example, if your Brick Card number is 0000 1234 5678 999, then you should type 0000 0123 4567 8999. After this click, the Next>> button.
  5. In the next page click the Finish button.
  6. Now you can click the Pay this Payee button in order to make a contribution to the Brick Platinum card right away.
The online payment should be sent 7 days prior to the payment due date to make sure it arrives in time for processing.

This is all for this tutorial. You could also accomplish the same from within the RBC online banking. For details take a look at: Make payments to your Brick Platinum Card from the RBC Online Banking.

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